TRAMONTANA - Model R Evolution - ANIMA Barcelona

Strategy & Design

TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_001.jpg Tramontana-R-by-anima-barcelona-900x425.jpg tramontana-by-anima-005-900x425.jpg TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_05.jpg Tramontana-R-by-anima-barcelona-2-900x425.jpg TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_004.jpg tramontana-by-anima-27-900x425.jpg tramontana-by-anima-003-900x425.jpg TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_002B.jpg TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_003.jpg TRAMONTANA_ANIMA_006.jpg

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Integral design services · Concept · Style · Development

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Singular lines and technical precision

Tramontana automaker relied on ÀNIMA Barcelona Design Studio to develop the evolution of its flagship model. Tramontana is an exclusive 720 horsepower Supercar that combines technical precision, a unique design and superior craftsmanship. A highly unique product, manufactured in limited editions. Each unit of this special model is customized both inside and outside, according to the unique preferences of each client.


The rear diffuser

The first task for ÀNIMA designers was the restyling of the rear. This included a redesign of the rear spoiler and exhaust diffusers, taking into account the aerodynamic guidelines very carefully.


New interior design

Interior equipment of this two-seat tandem car has been redesigned to improve driving experience for both driver and passenger. Dashboard and a lightweight steering wheel with integrated gearshift levers have been remodelled.


A new car front

The car face has been redesigned, providing it with improved aerodynamics and a better integration of independent headlights.

Color & Trim work helps to visualize the beautiful forms of these sport wings.