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Committed to sustainable mobility

VOLTA is a new brand of electric bikes resulting from the innovative drive of Marc Barceló. An industrial engineer with long experience in the automotive industry, Marc Barceló decided to take up the challenge of creating this brand and developing his first electric bike, the EV.1. The premise of VOLTA and its products is to evolve towards sustainable mobility but without renouncing great features and design, combining sustainability with design, sportiness and emotion.

Marc Barceló wished to share this challenge with the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and ÀNIMA Barcelona, undertaking to continue the development and launch of whatever was chosen as the best dissertation of 2010 from the IED automotive design course, directed by Joan Sabata, Managing Director of ÀNIMA Barcelona.

The incredibly high quality of the proposals presented made it difficult to select the electric motorcycle concept that would be developed by VOLTA and ÀNIMA Barcelona. After a long process of debate and analysis, the winning concept was finally the one produced by Guillem Galiano and Oliver Pecharromán, whose minute study prior to research made it particularly stand out, as well as the integration of new technologies and the fact that a highly appealing end product had been achieved.

Once the preliminary concept proposal had been completed, laying the foundations for the future bike, the model design and development continued, shared between VOLTA's engineering department, in the mechanical section, and ÀNIMA Barcelona, in the section of bodywork and communication elements.

Today, the EV.1 electric bike, renamed Volta BCN by express request of Barcelona City Council is a reality and is about to be marketed.

Research and concept

In 2010, the students on the IED automotive design course carried out the necessary study to draw up the initial proposals for an electric motorcycle and to give shape to the basic concept underlying the project: to blend sustainability and design. This long research process was complemented with creative sessions to add value to the new product.

CIMG0275.jpg IED_003.jpg IED_002.jpg IED_004.jpg IED_005.jpg movil_010.jpg IMG_8577.jpg DSC05822_v3.jpg

Concept development

In this stage the participants developed the concepts they had defined in the first phase and concentrated on turning their ideas into a project. Each member of the team produced style sketches, ergonomic studies, mock-ups, etc., tasks that especially entail many hours of work and dedication and a large amount of energy and passion.

Presentacio_002.jpg Presentacio_001.jpg Presentacio_004.jpg Presentacio_003.jpg


The moment of truth had arrived. The work of the seven students on the course materialised into three projects presented before the panel, lecturers and colleagues.

Pre-presentation nerves dissipated, giving way to the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of so many hours invested in achieving a full-size model that meets the requirements established by VOLTA.

The project selected

The proposal chosen to realise VOLTA's new electric motorcycle was OMSIDE, a concept developed by Guillem Galiano and Oliver Pecharromán. Congratulations for such an excellent work!

IMG_1097.jpg IMG_1109.jpg

Preparing the end product

This was the moment when the project became a real product and was adapted to market trends and user demands.

Photo Gallery

Volta BCN electric motorbike is now a reality

You can view a gallery of photos with the final design of the Volta BCN following this link.


Marc Barceló

«The professionalism and experience shown by the ÀNIMA Barcelona team in all the work it carries out give you the peace of mind of knowing that you've left the project in good hands.»