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Strategy & Design

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Comprehensive design service

Research · Style · Design · Development · Communication




Bebemon is a company founded in 2007 that constantly strives to discover new baby care products, with a clear commitment to state of the art solutions in terms of technology and innovation and with the aim that each of the brand's articles should reflect its values of design, convenience and quality.

Based on a long-term collaboration agreement, Bebemon has entrusted ÀNIMA Barcelona with the complete design management of its whole product portfolio.

This project includes research into users and the competition, product design and development and the planning of communication and marketing elements (brand, packaging, optimising packaging, catalogues, website, etc.). Together with Bebemon's marketing department, ÀNIMA Barcelona manages each stage of the design and the elements are created internally or externally according to each case, by mutual agreement with the client and following its criteria of suitability, deadlines and costs.

Some of ÀNIMA Barcelona's professionals have joined the client's innovation area so that ÀNIMA's design team has become its design department.

As a result of this operational structure, Bebemon, a medium-sized firm and currently undergoing notable expansion, can focus on the critical parts of its business and direct the strategic lines of its innovation and development policy readily and competitively.