BOTTPOWER M210 - ANIMA Barcelona

Strategy & Design

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Bottpower · M210

Concept · Style · 3D modelling · Clay model

Valencia · Spain



A special image for a racing bike

The Bottpower motor-racing team commissioned ÀNIMA Barcelona to design a new set of bodywork and aerodynamic elements for a bike that would race in the Moto2 category. The M210, with its own look and personalised image, meets all the technical and aerodynamic requirements of a racing bike. The project includes the design and construction of a full-size model of the bodywork.

The motorbike is currently competing in the Spanish motorcycling championship in the Moto2 category. With this project, ÀNIMA Barcelona has established itself as a technological partner of the Bottpower team.

We particularly recommend following the project on the Bottpower blog, edited by David Sánchez, which regularly publishes news on the world of bikes and racing.

David Sánchez

Director of the Bottpower team


«Carrying out this project with the ÀNIMA people has been a highly enriching experience. I believe they adopt a very open, flexible and dynamic approach to their projects, which makes them very easy to work with. They're passionate about what they do and this can be seen in the end result.

But what's more, and perhaps this isn't very usual in other firms, I'd highlight their seriousness and commitment, and their ability to plan and meet deadlines.»

Practising on the Cheste circuit

Debut for the M210


This video shows the first practice runs and the race by the M210 in the last speed trial for the Spanish Championship in 2010. (Courtesy of Bottpower).