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Casals · Tools

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Technical update and adaptation to market trends

This important project for Casals, a client with extensive experience and great prestige in its sector, consisted of updating the whole range of the brand's electric portable machinery. The principle underlying the project was to technically update the articles and adapt them aesthetically to the current trends dominating the market.

Based on a conceptual product, a new DNA was defined for the series of products in the project and, following the master plan, a complete repertoire of tools and accessories was created with more than thirty products.

Gardening tools

Design of a range of gardening tools made up of products with different functions, such as hedge trimmers and border cutters.

DIY tools

Series of tools for the area of home DIY, including drills, saws, sanding machines, etc., stressing functionality and user-friendliness.

DIY accessories

Collection of accessories adapted to the product ranges created for the gardening and DIY tools.

Marc Guillén

Project Manager at Casals


«I worked with ÀNIMA Barcelona when I was head of Workshop Products at Casals, a Spanish manufacturer of electric tools, and together, we launched the brand's range of gardening tools, a new category for Casals at that time. Precisely for this reason, our collaboration with ÀNIMA Barcelona was crucial to the project's success.

They got involved in the process with the utmost energy and enthusiasm and added value beyond the mere design of the tools, to the point where ÀNIMA's collaboration in developing the new collection was decisive, not only in terms of creating products but also when manufacturing them and launching them onto the market.

I must say that, without ÀNIMA Barcelona, it would've been impossible to create an entire product range from scratch and release it onto the market in record time.»