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Vieta · Car Audio

Comprehensive design services

Concept · Style · 3D development · Communication




Integrating new technologies in a collection aimed at a young target

Vieta is a Catalan firm that, for more than fifty years, has been committed to excellence in the audio and image sector, searching for a balance between product, user and environment and selecting original, cutting edge designs that are timeless.

ÀNIMA Barcelona was asked to develop a complete range of electronic Car Audio components made up of various models of players, amplifiers and speakers. The aim of the project was to create a range of products with its own attractive style and design, conceived for an eminently young target and incorporating new technologies, such as USB readers, multimedia screens and touchscreens.

2010 players

Range of 2010 players incorporating cleaner lines and a more elegant structure, highlighting a new, totally tactile interface.

2008 players

Developing and updating the style of the 2006 product range based on new gestures and new shapes but maintaining some key features to identify the range.

2006 players

Designing the first complete range of multimedia players (USB, internal memories, etc.) for the car, with an elegant style and single line for all products in the series.

Evolution speakers

Renewing the complete range of car speakers. The series includes six different products of various sizes and powers, produced in units with finishes of different qualities.


Renewing the complete range of amplifiers for cars. The collection presents three models, each one offering different sizes and features.

Subwoofer SEAT León

In collaboration with SEAT Sport, ÀNIMA Barcelona created an exclusive model of subwoofer for the new SEAT León, with a wooden resonance box that integrates the power amplifier.

Carlos Alberdi

Project Manager at Vieta


«The experience of my work with ÀNIMA has shown me that they understand Vieta's needs, as well as being able to detect the consumer's needs.

I've learned that design doesn't always mean high manufacturing costs. Also that outsourcing to China is feasible if you understand how to work and know how to handle the necessary tools, and ÀNIMA knows this very well.

Design isn't only a drawing. You have to be able to transform it into a product and ÀNIMA has helped us a lot in this process.»