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Strategy & Design

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Comprehensive project involving product design, development and launch

Xining · China



The birth of a brand

Coralia is a completely new line of business for an important Asian manufacturer.

The challenge for ÀNIMA Barcelona in this project consisted of taking on the complete management, from naming to choosing and designing the brand and analysing trends and new uses, as well as designing products, communication elements and the style and distribution of points of sale. A comprehensive project in which ÀNIMA Barcelona has accompanied Coralia throughout the whole research and design process.


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Research and design

Designing and developing, over a short period of time, the wide range of articles that today make up the company's product portfolio provided us with a huge challenge and also great satisfaction.

Naming and creating a brand

We took on the brand naming and design process, taking into account the symbols of purity and ecology associated with bathrooms and the image conveyed by the brand's values.

Communication elements

The creative team of ÀNIMA Barcelona, in collaboration with various external agencies, has directed the preliminary studies and design of Coralia's communication elements.