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Basc Country Governor lendakari Urkullu check our designs

The Repsol-Petronor safety wristband designed by ànima

Presentation to the Basc Country Gobernor Lendakari Urkullu of the Repsol wristband designed by anima during the BIEMH2016 fair

Together with Petronor (repsol) and the Tecnalia Tecnològic Center, they have developed a safety system for the localization of people in specific areas during the maintenance phase of the refineries.

The bracelet designed to allow the localization of the treballators so that, in the event of an emergency, it is certain that no one will remain within a certain area or if they have been locatted for the purpose of seva Evacuation Two systems 100% fiabilitat.

The first system consists of a basic access control in wireless access points at the entrance of the spinal confinats.

The system of polysera dissenyat Per Ànima is based on a system of geo-positioning through internal balises and wireless technologies that detect the opera- tives to some miniature devices that are inclined to steal or accessoris, as for example in casc or A polsera. A vega detectats, the balises inform the central system via 3G of the position of the person.


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