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Ànima Barcelona worldwide awarded

wins 7 European design awards

European Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of international teams of talented designers who strive to improve our daily lives with practical and intelligent creations. Product designs, innovative and breakthrough

It also rewards the strategic vision and imagination that has led to the creation of a great product

Ànima Barcelona has triumphed in this occasion nothing more and nothing less than with 7 of its designs.

1 platinum (maximum award) 2 gold and 4 silver. All of them in multiple categories such as electronics, gardening, automotive, kitchen appliances, medical equipment, etc.

As the fryer of BIYI that allows to be shared between 4 users with their integrated dishes linking the fryers again to the healthy and shared food.

The MINIBATT Power-Goo Charger allows you to charge your cell phone wirelessly even when you carry it in your bag

FLIWER a smart sensor to take care of your plants and that controls the irrigation, the humidity and connects to the Internet saving water if that day the forecast is of rain.

TRAMONTANA XTR, the last Hypercar of the Catalan brand based in Vic (Barcelona) renovated with this restyling of supercar of more than 800 cv

RBS Adventure. A successful side by side car dedicated to leisure and work in the most adverse environments Gold award.

STARSTIM a neural helmet of the company Neuroelectrics of Barcelona designed to carry out medical studies that helps to better know and diagnose all type of neurological pathologies as well as to help patients in neuro-rehabilitation.

And finally with the highest PLATINUM AWARD award for VOLTA bcn, the electric motorcycle of the Catalan brand that from its headquarters in Figueres (Girona) produces and distributes worldwide one of the most innovative electric motorcycles on the market which has, among other innovations, the possibility of Control the motorcycle from mobile application, space for helmet in the area usually destined to the deposit in a motorcycle of combustion and load of other apparatuses. All this without giving up fantastic performance and design.

From Ànima Barcelona we are very pleased to receive the award for a long effort in the 15 years we have been running since 2002 and we are sure that is the beginning of many other successes. On April 12, ELISAVA ALUMNI Diego Quiroga, CEO and founder, and General Manager Joanma Baqués will receive the award at the European Parliament in Brussels where they will also be awarded the "EUROPEAN DESIGNER OF THE YEAR" award to which they are nominated.


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