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Nesscase Ziron



The case to carry coffee machines Ziron Nesscase, designed by ÀNIMA Barcelona is already available. For more information

Casos d'exit ACCIO


Successful cases ACC1Ó

Video report that appeared in l’Anella, where, from their studio, Diego Quiroga (Creative Director) and Joan Sabata (Managing Director) talk about the work of ÀNIMA Barcelona and its international leap via the Chinese market, where there's a great need for innovation and design.

ÀNIMA Barcelona diseña en China


ÀNIMA Barcelona designs in China

Article that appeared in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia on ÀNIMA Barcelona's experience in product design for important Chinese firms.

ÀNIMA Barcelona al programa VALOR AFEGIT


ÀNIMA Barcelona, in TV news report Valor Afegit

Catalan design in China

Two reporters from the Catalan TV programme Valor afegit accompanied us on one of our trips to China, when we visited one of the country's largest bicycle manufacturers.

ÀNIMA Barcelona in the HK Standard


ÀNIMA Barcelona, in The Hong Kong Standard

News item that appeared in the newspaper The Hong Kong Standard on the Hong Kong innovation and design fair. ÀNIMA Barcelona took part in the fair as part of the design studio group Design + Barcelona.

ÀNIMA Barcelona in The Standard HK


ÀNIMA Barcelona, at Hong Kong´s IDT

The Hong Kong Standard publishes the news item on the Hong Kong IDT, the innovation and design fair held as part of the Business Design Week. ÀNIMA Barcelona took part in the fair, together with other design studios, in order to strengthen the Barcelona brand in the Asian market.

Articulo LV HK


ÀNIMA Barcelona takes part in the Hong Kong Inno Design Tech fair

Article that appeared in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia on the presence of Spanish design studios at the Inno Design Tech (IDT) innovation fair in Hong Kong, where ÀNIMA Barcelona was present as part of the group Created in Barcelona.

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