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Cell Phone Concept

In collaboration with MOTOROLA Beijing, we developed different concepts for a new brand cell phone.

Other projects...


smart plants sensor

Smart plants sensor to control the watering, growth and state of  your plants from any mobile device


Wireless Chargers

Induction system wireless charger devices to charge mobile phones, tablets or another devices.

Starlab / Neuroelectrics

Neuro-Helmet Enobio 2

Neurological monitoring helmet for medical and scientific purposes, as well as for use in the videogame industry.


Home Audio

Design of video and audio equipment for the home, integrating new technologies, players for different media (USB, iPhone, etc.) and high quality materials.


Multimedia player

Project to develop a range of in-car multimedia players, integrating new technologies and based on an aesthetic line adapted to recent trends.

Star TIC Bq


ÀNIMA Barcelona presented several e-book prototypes to Star TIC Bq and two from the series have gone on to the production stage.

Coming soon...


Xchef fondue electric

Dual Fondue & Deep fryer to share culinary experiences with friends



This is a sensor to optimize the traffic jam and reduce the accidents and the polution. The traffic jam are one of the biggest problems in the city.

World Sensing

Fast Park

ÀNIMA Barcelona has worked with World Sensing in the development of the new system of parking sensors Fast Prk.


Car Audio

Creation of various collections of Car Audio accessories, such as players, speakers and amplifiers, aimed at a young target and integrating new technologies.

S3D Technologies

Rig 3D Camera

This is a stereoscopic tool to record 3d movies with 2 cinema cameras at the same time.