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Tecsis · IPL hair removal equipment

Comprehensive design services

Research · Concept · Style · 3D development · Models and prototypes




Tecsis is a firm specialising in beauty and aesthetic medicine that, with ten years' experience in the sector, bases its services on agility and the implementation of new technologies in the treatments they offer their clients, with the aim of combining state of the art, effective results and the optimum use of resources.

ÀNIMA Barcelona has collaborated with Tecsis in the project to develop some of its laser hair removal machines, giving shape to products where functionality and ergonomics take pride of place, both for users and the personnel responsible for carrying out the treatments.

ÀNIMA's team worked together with the sales force and technicians from Tecsis and with the users of this equipment to complete an exhaustive process of research and analysis regarding needs, resources and features. We visited several beauty salons to observe the optimum way to apply the treatments and to determine the design concept for Tecsis's IPL hair removal machines.


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