Darts Machine

  • Darts Machine
  • Darts Machine
  • Darts Machine

Ultimate online darts machine.

This machine is designed to play with users that are in different places or countries.

It’s design is based in simplicity of new smartphones style. Is foldable to transport folded in a car and easy to carry on. Materials are strong to support impacts and the lights are specially placed to illuminate the environment but not disturb the player. Fingerprint recognition technology and the best audio estéreo invites to play. Wanna play?

Testimony: Jordi S.

‘We have worked with Ànima these last months. I found it to be an extraordinary industrial design studio, on a creative and professional level, with excellent customer service, very close and proactive, I have never heard them say ‘you can’t’.
We are very satisfied with the result of this collaboration. Absolutely recommended.’

Client: Connection Darts

Category: Consumer Electronics