• Prologue

Geometric necklace display determinates a character of the entire collection. The round and softened forms are geometrically pure and balanced. We combine 2 main finishes: rubbon touch plastic and a metal finish in order to highline also visually this softness. Its rotating base allows to change the angles both in vertical and horizonal directions. In this way you can adapt it to the most winning position.

  • Ring and bracelet display: An elegant display which allows to emphasize both bracelets and rings. Very firm and linear, it embodies the right balance between minimal refinement and bold interpretation. We use a combination of textures: stone, brass and rubbon.
  • Geometric bracelet display is characterized by a minimal design. This design piece doesn’t demand any protagonism. Its simplicity and compactness make it perfect to enhance every kind of jewel. We apply an innovative rubbon technology which allows to create a rigid and firm body but at the same time brings a soft touch feeling.
  • Geometric earring display is our intent to create alternatives to common use-cases. We constructed  a completely new platform , introducing surprising components and shapes.  This model maintains the same design concept of the entire collection, combining brass and rubbon structures.
  • Geometric ring display combines 2 structures: an innovative rubbon material and brass finishing. Having a very clean lines, it offers a very discreet and reasonable solution in order the exposed jewels convey its elegance and  design concept. A display is adaptable for each type of a ring shank: Solitaire, eternity, fancy etc.

Client: Prologue

Category: Ideas for Life

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