Safety Band

  • Safety Band

This wristband, designed in collaboration with Petronor (Repsol Group) and Tecnalia Research Centre, is made for use in petrol refineries as a safety system to help find people in closed spaces in case of maintenance interruptions. The wristband allows professionals to be geo-located in case of emergency.

The first system consists of an RFID card access point placed at the entrances of closed spaces.

The system designed by Ànima is based on an interior space geo-positioning system comprising Wi-Fi beacons that detect all operators thanks to devices placed in the clothing, or accessories such as helmets or wristbands. Once a detection occurs, the beacons inform the system via 3G of that person’s position.

This system allows Petronor (Repsol) to guarantee the safety of people undertaking maintenance work in an efficient and automated manner.


Testimony: Jose M. C. 

‘Great team, efficiency, effectiveness and creativity all together. There is not a better team to support your idea with creativity and class. Thanks a lot to you all, and especially to Diego for your availability despite your success..’

Client: Tecnalia

Category: Consumer Electronics