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Balance bike

Pixel One is a balance bike for children from 1 to 2 years old to learn to walk easily and develop coordination and balance.

Its maximum innovation is in its wheels without spokes. Using an innovative internal sliding system and with self-lubricating materials, the wheels turn on themselves without the need for bearings. This allows the bike to be visually lightened as well as allowing it to be hung or caught by the wheel well.

In addition, many other design details are worked on such as:

  • A shock protector for the face in the center of the handlebar in soft material.
  • An ergonomic seat in comfortable soft material.
  • Double front wheel for stability and safety.
  • Modular and easy to assemble design.

The frame and the other pieces are made of 100% recyclable materials.

Pixel Max is a balance bike designed for children over 2 years of age who must work on their stability and way of walking.

It has protection zones made with 100% recyclable soft materials and an evolutionary saddle to adapt to the rapid growth in these ages.

Its maximum innovation are two wheels without spokes (spokeless) that allow the bicycle to be easily taken on the arm or the stroller.

Client: Pixel

Category: Childcare