Jordi G.

‘From here, I would like to thank the work done by ANIMA Design, the dedication, involvement and effort of the whole team.’

Fernando O.

‘The ANIMA team responds quickly and well to all design and product development needs. They are not only creative, they are also resolute and understand the implications of good design management like no one else. I’m a number 1 fan because they conceive design as a strategy and also know how to coordinate suppliers to optimise the result and the invoice of the projects.’

Caricia M.

‘From our first meeting it was clear to us that they were the perfect partners for the Ossby Geo challenge. They’ve been great to work with and have made our product grow and have given us the ‘Wow’ effect every time we show off our bike. The first of many more collaborations to come!’

Víctor B.

‘We have worked with the ANIMA team on the conception of a new product and we are very satisfied with their contribution to the project, which has gone beyond presenting and executing design proposals. They know how to contextualise their proposals and they know everything that goes into launching a product on the market. They have an excellent team and I recommend them 100%.’

Jordi S.

‘We have worked with ANIMA these last months. I found it to be an extraordinary industrial design studio, on a creative and professional level, with excellent customer service, very close and proactive, I have never heard them say ‘you can’t’.
We are very satisfied with the result of this collaboration. Absolutely recommended.’