The award ceremony for the 2024 iF Design Award was held on April 29th at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, Germany, the world’s largest theater.

It’s one of the most important events in the design industry. According to the organizers, more than 1,500 guests from 42 countries attended the ceremony, including designers, entrepreneurs, representatives from the media, and government officials.

For us, it has been an opportunity to recognize, once again, the great work done by the team of professionals at Ànima Design. This year, we have broken all records and have won five awards.
This recognition consolidates Ànima Design as one of the most recognized and awarded design agencies internationally, renowned for its creativity, innovation, and commitment to excellence. With these, we now have 11 iF awards in our portfolio.

The iF Design Awards, known as the ‘Oscars of design,’ acknowledge excellence in product design, as well as in communication, architecture, and packaging.

In this edition, at Ànima Design, we have been awarded for the design of:

  • OSSBY GEO: A new folding electric bicycle stands out for its minimalist design, functionality, and sustainability. Vertical folding system: It uses gravity to keep the bike unfolded, avoiding lateral forces that could compromise long-term rigidity. Differentiated and innovative design: Combines the features of bicycles and electric scooters. Electric components discreetly integrated. Simple lines and subtle surfaces. Clean and modern image. Among its benefits: it’s a lightweight, practical, and elegant design at the same time. Its production is also innovative and sustainable.
  • BITMETRICS –  Pick[+] with RealSense It’s an automated picking system that uses artificial vision cameras to identify and efficiently collect objects. This affordable and versatile system is ideal for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, intralogistics, and logistics. Pick[+] includes pre-installed camera, lights, and software, and easily integrates with Universal Robots©, Yaskawa©, and ABB© robots and cobots. ANIMA Design has participated in the design, development, thermal simulation, prototyping, manufacturing, and packaging of Pick[+]. Among its benefits: increased efficiency and productivity, reduced operating costs, improved accuracy and quality, and greater safety for workers.
  • CINCOS – Termodynamic medical device The thermodynamic aesthetic medical device Cincos represents an innovative leap in non-invasive aesthetic therapy. By merging cutting-edge thermodynamic science with an elegant, user-centered design, Cincos offers a unique solution that enhances both the effectiveness and the experience of aesthetic treatments. Cincos sets a standard in the field of medical aesthetics by providing a harmonious blend of form and function, thus advancing personalized cosmetic care.
  • EYESYNTH – Niira Vision through Hearing. It’s a system that translates visual information into sound, allowing people with visual impairments or low vision to perceive the world around them in a new and unique way. It can help individuals with visual impairments improve their mobility, independence, and quality of life.
  •  ÖHLL – Öhll Backpack The Öhll Backpack is a sophisticated and sustainable mobility solution designed for urban users who utilize electric scooters or folding bicycles. It integrates a pioneering Öhll Support System (ÖSS) for quick and secure attachment to a wide range of personal transportation devices.

These projects have been recognized not only for their cutting-edge aesthetics but also for their functionality, sustainability, and social impact.

Diego Quiroga, our CEO and Founder of Ànima Design, explains: “We are incredibly proud of this new achievement. These awards are a testament to the talent and dedication of our team, who work day in and day out to create innovative and high-quality designs.” He adds, “This recognition encourages us to continue growing and evolving, always seeking new ways to create designs that make a difference.”

The success of Ànima Design at the IF Design Award 2024 also confirms Spain’s leading position in the world of design, establishing us as a country to be reckoned with in the realm of creative industries.

During the ceremony held in Berlin, other winners were also honored with distinctions, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to the industrial design legend Dieter Rams. His work and convictions about what good design should be have inspired designers worldwide, including us. At 92 years old, he is a regular speaker and provides advice to young designers.

We look forward to continuing to achieve new successes in future editions.