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Medication dispenser spray

Satkam is a medical device that acts as a medication dispenser – spray, making it easier for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to self-apply a medication in cases where, due to the disease, there is motor difficulty in the hands and/or arms due to spasticity.

73% of patients with MS with ≥ 10 years of evolution experience some type of functional problem in the hands, being at least moderate in 1/3 of the cases.

The design of this device allows dispensing a complete spray simply by closing the hand, a reflex gesture that humans have from birth.

This solution allows patients to medicate themselves, thus increasing their autonomy and compliance with the prescribed treatment regimen.

With the findings of the patient studies and technical studies, it was possible to provide a friendly solution both at a functional and formal level.

Client: Almirall

Category: Science & Health