Vieta · Wireless earbuds

  • Vieta · Wireless earbuds
  • Vieta · Wireless earbuds
  • Vieta · Wireless earbuds

True wireless headphones

Range of true wireless headphones for the legendary Catalan brand Vieta, founded in 1954.

Very tactile

A small slit in the side of the headphones is used as a touch panel to control all functions of the device.

You can go to the next song or back to the previous one. You can also turn the volume up or down. It even allows you to answer calls or interact directly with your smartphone’s virtual assistant.

This slit is used in the transport box as a unifying element for the entire range. It also serves as a charger for the headset even when not plugged in, extending the battery life.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to their thoughtful design, they fit perfectly in the ear. And they look great too! The Done 3 model also adds a magnetic cover closure system that gently accompanies the cover so that it closes on its own. A system of magnets with opposite polarities attracts the earphones to the correct hole or repels them in case of a mistake, making it easy to place and identify the left and right model.

A work of micro-engineering where acoustic channels of tenths of a millimetre have been taken into account, as well as IPX4 water protection systems.

Discrete, functional, comfortable, they are loaded in the same box where they are stored, hardly weight and improve over time thanks to software updates.

Client: Vieta

Category: Consumer Electronics