In an initiative focused on promoting gender equality and eliminating barriers that limit women’s full participation, the company Ànima, as a member of the Light Mobility Cluster, along with other women from the same cluster, has been present at a key event. With Nekane as a representative, Ànima has joined the Women on the Move (WOTM) Working Group project, in collaboration with the In-Move by Railgrup cluster and the impact agency Roots for Sustainability (R4S). The main objective of this project is to diagnose and seek opportunities for gender equality in the Catalan mobility sector.

The project’s objectives are diverse and ambitious:
  • Promote equality of opportunities: This involves eliminating barriers that hinder women’s full participation in technical, managerial, and decision-making roles in the mobility sector.
  • Seek equitable representation of women: At all stages of mobility development, from research to governance, actively seeking balanced participation of women is essential.
  • Foster training and professional development opportunities: It is crucial to promote growth and excellence opportunities in technical and leadership skills for women in this sector.
  • Drive inclusive research and innovation: Gender perspectives must be considered in the planning and design of sustainable transport systems.
The agenda of the event included various activities aimed at addressing these objectives:
  • Introduction and participant presentation: The event began with an introduction and presentation of attendees, creating a framework for collaboration and exchange.
  • Identification of challenges: The main pre-identified challenges related to gender equality in mobility sector companies were presented.
  • Reflection and debate: Time was dedicated to joint reflection and debate on the identified challenges, fostering an exchange of ideas and perspectives.
  • Identification of response initiatives: Through guided dynamics, possible mechanisms and initiatives to address identified challenges were identified, with special emphasis.

During the coffee break, we continued to converse in a relaxed manner about topics that had not been addressed in the challenges but are also representative of societal reality. We understand that gender-inclusive changes ultimately benefit everyone. We discussed issues such as rotating positions in manufacturing chains, improvements in working conditions, and other actions that made us reflect on the long road still ahead. From Ànima, we will be attentive to the outcome of this initiative.