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Folding electric wheelchair

e-Kittos is the best-selling power folding electric wheelchair in the domestic market.

Compact, and with a simple and safe automatic electric folding system, since from a control and in 3 seconds with the push of a button it folds and allows any user to transport it without problems in the trunk of their car.

User-centered design from its conceptualization, all ergonomic and anthropometric details have been designed for maximum comfort, accessibility and safety.

Elastic damping system for a comfortable ride. Lithium batteries and motors with excellent power behavior.

High-quality, breathable micro-climate upholstery, very easy to clean.

Safety belt and anti-tip systems, electromagnetic brakes that allow the e-Kittos chair to be braked up to 8º slopes.

Every detail in its design and development has been conceived without neglecting its mechano-robotic aesthetics, making it safe, refined and attractive.

Thanks to its aluminum components and chassis, the e-Kittos chair is the lightest on the market while being very safe and robust.

Client: Totalcare

Category: Science & Health