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  • Neuroelectrics · Enobio
  • Neuroelectrics · Enobio

Wireless helmet for brain monitoring

Starlab company defines itself as a “team of scientists focused on user needs”, developing its activity in the aerospace and medical fields. Neuroelectrics is the new division devoted to the development of advanced applications for Neuroscience.

Starlab had a good brain activity monitoring device, widely used for medical and research purposes. Always attentive to its customers’ needs, Starlab / Neuroelectrics channelled suggestions to ANIMA Design to study and propose improvements for an easy operation and more comfortable wearability of this equipment.

Collaboration between Starlab scientific team and ANIMA Design designers was the new wireless brain monitoring helmet Enobio 2, easy to use and with improved ergonomics both for professionals and patients.

Client: Starstim

Category: Science & Health