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Space divider and magnetic board

Kanso is a Japanese word whose meaning is “simplicity and absence of excess elements”.

This word defines the spirit with which this space divider and magnetic board has been designed, made of vitrified steel and provided with wheels with brakes.

A new concept in the division of spaces in modern office or co-working environments allows space to be created and organized in a flexible, versatile way, following the demand for “Smart Office” solutions, thanks to its lightness, robust structure, easy mobility and modularity.

Unlike other room dividers or magnetic boards, and as an innovative element, its metal base structure allows the use of any panel of almost any size and material: Wood, textile or acoustic panel, hexagonal polycarbonate, technical panels, glass,… from any manufacturer or market material making it “open source”. Its versatility allows panels to be placed both vertically and horizontally, or even with irregular shapes.

Kanso combines multiple materials from recycled HPDE panels from post-consumer plugs, hexagonal panel transparencies, vitrified steel magnetic board, upholstered acoustic panels…etc.

The product is assembled and packaged by a special center for the disabled in Barcelona that employs people at risk of exclusion from work.

This product fits both the needs of interior designers and architects, as well as for lovers of spaces who are looking for a board that integrates into their space; for your meetings or creative sessions and also gives the possibility of creating spaces very quickly with this versatile, simple and elegant element.

Client: Artika

Category: Home & Lighting