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Range of waterproof outdoor luminaires

Gaudí is a new range of waterproof outdoor bulkhead luminaires.

Its designs vary in very simple geometric shapes: rounded rectangle, circle, square so they are designed to fit in several spaces whether industrial, garages, warehouses, etc. or exterior walls of work, gardens, public areas, etc.

A deep study was carried out around 2 types of users: Installers and end users.

For the former, a robust product was designed, with an innovative way of anchoring. Unlike most existing products, it is not necessary to remove covers to access the connections and anchors, thus sealing is not compromised. You can do everything from a small access to place it only 2 screws are needed from the outside. In short, it is a plug and play luminaire. This greatly facilitates the task of the installer.

For the end user the product enjoys simple geometries and easy to fit in any space. The product is studied to be considered ultra-low consumption through an electronic management system that avoids the loss of energy already very low by the use of low consumption LEDs.

Infinity of finishes and a diffuser base that controls the heat prevent condensation in the most extreme conditions.

In short, a product for industrial use that does not forget the design, the quality of light and sustainable energy saving.

Client: Lumitek

Category: Home & Lighting